There’s A Zombie On Your Lawn

I have been dancing around Plants vs. Zombies for the longest time. In spite of the overwhelming positive response for the game, a love for PopCap Games after Peggle ate me alive and a personal endorsement from my girlfriend, I historically haven’t enjoyed the tower defense genre. I don’t like planning for 10 minutes and then spending the next 10 watching my defenses crumble to crap without the ability to fix anything until I fail and try again.

With Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap Games managed to create a tower defense game that not only addresses the things I don’t like about the genre, but create a wildly fun game that may be universally appealing to just about anyone. I still consider myself a tower defense hater, but I love this game.

I picked this up on my iPad instead of the iPhone version. I know that the price difference is steep, but I wanted all the features, the pretty graphics on the big screen and further justification for my iPad purchased.

I can’t say how the iPhone game looks on the iPad screen, but the iPad version looks excellent. The game is so colourful and features a great art style. Both the plants and the zombies are designed an animated with so much personality.

One of the final selling points about the game that put me over the edge was the music. The main theme song is fantastic, and the rest of the soundtrack fits the game perfectly as well. The mostly uptempo music is so well put together and stays in your head well after you’re done playing.

What I love most about this game is the rock-solid gameplay that requires constant input from the player. It does such a great job of easing players into its gameplay systems that you don’t need to consciously think about how things work. However, you will spend a good deal of time thinking about more important issues, such as how to manage your resources and how to set up your plants depending on the situation you’re in.

Once the zombies come, you don’t take a back seat to the action. You’re required to constantly collect sunlight to buy more plants to adjust to the increasing enemy pressure. The action gets frantic, but so far, I’ve never felt like I lost a level because of how I set up at the beginning or that I couldn’t change the outcome as the situation changed. Because of how dynamic the waves play out, Plants vs. Zombies is almost as much an action game to me as a tower defense game.

I absolutely adore the character designs in this game. There are so many different plants and zombies with unique looks and properties that really adds charm to the presentation and depth to the gameplay. I’m not finished the game just yet, but so far my favourite character in the game is based on a deceased celebrity.

Plants vs. Zombies is an amazing game to play and an even better game to have on the go. Whether you have it on the iPhone or iPad, it’s fun in short bursts and still fun to play repeatedly even after you’ve beaten it. It’s one of those rare games that I would feel comfortable recommending to absolutely anyone.

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