Beat It! Turns My Musical Passion Into A Game

Since the early 2000’s, I have spent countless hours in front of music sequencers, creating music of varying quality. While my sequencer of choice has been FL Studio (better known as Fruity Loops), I also have experience triggering samples on Reason, GarageBand, Ableton Live as well as hardware samplers such as the Akai MPC and assorted Roland/Boss drum machines.

Why does any of this matter? Because Beat It! takes the sequencer experience and turns it into a game. Beat junkies like me will have a blast with this game. However, if you don’t have experience laying down tracks, you may still enjoy this as a different take on the music game genre.

Beat It! (not to be confused with the iPhone game Beat It) is a MIDI sequencer with a game wrapped around it. In more simple terms, it’s like the game Simon. Each level begins with the game playing a rhythm followed by you recreating that rhythm using a grid interface for you to “draw” the appropriate notes in. Experienced beat-makers will grasp the interface and concept of the game immediately. If you’ve never worked with a sequencer before, I think the game does a fairly good job of easing players into the game. You start out with simple rhythm patterns that get increasingly difficult as the game progresses. As you play through the game, there are power-ups you can trigger by correctly filling in the notes for a certain instrument before time runs out.

I’m not too far into the game, but I’m really enjoying the experience up to this point. It’s fun to actually create real rhythm parts to the game’s music. If you really wanted to hop onto a real sequencer, the beats you make in the game could be made exactly the same way you would make them in the game. Beat It! also matched by great sound design and presentation.

I picked it up at $0.99, which was a great price for this game. This is a no-brainer for beat-makers and worth a look for anyone else interested in music games.

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