The Top 5 Most Viewed In Third Person Posts of All-Time

Because I write In Third Person solely as a personal outlet of gaming nerdiness, I don’t pay much attention to my analytics. Even if no one in the world were to ever see this blog, I would continue writing in it anyway, just to get these gaming-related thoughts out of my head and onto something a bit more tangible. Well, as tangible as the Internet can be. If you or anyone else decides they want to read my musings, power to you.

And read my musings you have. Sure, my traffic may not rival the Craigslist posting your mom put up to promote your family garage sale, but there are a consistent number of people that frequent my site, according to my numbers. Thank you to everyone that has ever read my blog and a special thanks to everyone who checks in regularly.

Whether you’re a regular reader or just found my blog on a whim, I’m going to present to you the five most popular posts on my site. I was actually kind of surprised by the results. Click through to find out what the hottest content is on In Third Person.

5. Game Design Talk: Taking Control Out of My Hands

The idea for this post was bubbling in my head for a while before I finally typed it out. There were a few games I had recently played where critical moments of the game would have made more of an impact had the developers not set up artificial barriers on the player. I think a lot of the reason why this made it up here is that it goes into detail regarding the Modern Warfare 2 “terrorist” scene, but this was also written months after the game had been released. I flexed my brain muscles really hard to articulate my thoughts on this particular subject.

4. Mapathy is an Expensive Condition to Cure

This was my most popular “timely” post. Having written this a few days before the launch of the Modern Warfare II “Stimulus Package” map pack, I voiced my concerns about the value proposition that this package offered. While I abstained from buying it, partially to make a point, and partially because I stopped playing Modern Warfare II, over 3 million people did not agree with me and paid $15 for three new maps and two recycled ones. I hope you Call of Duty fans enjoy paying $20 for the Black Ops add-on maps.

3. Pick Up Post: Cobra Clutch

Really? Of all the things I’ve written about on In Third Person, a post about how I bought a mediocre game brand new for $3 is the third most popular post on my site? I had no idea that Stranglehold was such a draw. I should have followed this up by writing a post on how I ended up buying TNA: Impact for $3 from a different EB Games a few months later. That could have put IGN’s traffic to shame.

2. Metacritic and My Video Game Collection

I’m happy to see this one be as successful as it has. Metacritic is a very popular, if controversial, service that many gamers use. I decided to put my collection to the test to see if there were any insights I could gather about myself or the gaming industry as a whole. It took quite a bit of work for me to put that together, so I’m glad to see people are reading it. If you haven’t, definitely check it out.

1. CoD: World at War Pushes Me to the Brink

I know that Call of Duty series is popular. I also know that my Call of Duty posts grab a lot of traffic (three of the top five spots are CoD related). However, I did not expect my post about an almost 2-year old Call of Duty game made by Treyarch to account for half of my traffic. Not only was it big at the time, but it’s consistently one of the most read posts on my site to this day. What is it about this post that keeps people coming back? Is it just because of the Call of Duty name? Is it because people empathized with my perspective on the game, which was far from rosy? In any case, a lot of people have read it and continue to do so.

I’ll do these types of posts every now and then to highlight content on In Third Person that is worth checking out. Definitely give these five posts a look and tell me what you think.

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