Impressions on Predators for the iPhone and iPad

Predators is a universal iDevice game that I’ve actually had for a couple of weeks now. I’m sort of a fan of the Predator franchise, and judging by what I had seen in trailers, I thought it looked pretty good. It also didn’t hurt that it was a $3 game that worked with both the iPhone and iPad. I just past half way through the main campaign, so I don’t feel comfortable enough to pass final judgment on it. But I have played enough to at least share some thoughts on my experiences so far.

This game is based on the new Predator movie. In the movie, humans have been abducted by Predators to their home planet to be hunted down by other Predators. In the game, you play as a Predator, whose main objective is to kill every human on the screen. It sounds simple, and for the most part, it is. You start out with just your claws, slashing away at humans, causing them to drop buckets worth of blood. As you progress through levels, you’ll be given more moves and signature Predator gear to make the experience more exciting. However, the humans will be stronger, more plentiful in numbers and have access to more weapons, too.

I really enjoy the melee combat stuff. It’s a lot of fun to pull off a sweet combo and finish it off by ripping a person’s head off or splitting them in half. While I think it’s cool that the developers give you access to everything the Predator can do, I don’t think it all works as well as it should. At least where I’m at in the game, I haven’t found a good use for the heat sensor. Also, the ranged blaster I find is more trouble than it needs to be. Due to the perspective of the camera, you can’t actually shoot very far away with the blaster, and it takes way too long to get locked onto a character before you can shoot them. The interface can also get cluttered as you progress because the screen fills up with buttons for all of the different things the Predator can do. I actually would have preferred it if the game had less buttons and less abilities for you to use in exchange for a tighter playing game.

Having full iPad and iPhone support is great and I hope more developers implement this into their games. While I think the iPad version looks great and is fully playable, I think it’s actually more comfortable to play the game on my iPod Touch.

Since I’m only half way through the game, a lot could change in the second half of the game, though I don’t think it will. Predators is a fairly one-note experience, but a fairly good one if you’re looking to live out your Predator fantasies (no, not those predator fantasies). I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish it, as I continue to buy these iPhone and iPad games faster than I can play them, but I think at the very least I’ve already gotten my $3 of fun out of it.

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