The Cineplex World Gaming Street Fighter V Finals

Street Fighter V KingstonBeing the king of Kingston is great, but on May 29th, 2016, I had the chance to become the Canadian Street Fighter V champion. It was a whirlwind weekend that that actually left me sick by the end of it, but it was so worth it.

Toronto SignAll of the players were treated to a one-night stay at the Sheraton hotel. We had a beautiful view of city hall and the Toronto sign from our window. The room we were in was also really nice, though I’m not going to post any pics of that here. Kudos to Cineplex for accommodating everyone like this!

That night, we were all scheduled to partake in a players reception. At the party, they treated players to a package that included a bag, lanyard, headband, the Street Fighter V strategy guide and a pre-paid Visa gift card to cover our expenses for the night. Besides that, we were all involved in assorted photo and video shoots.

Street Fighter V Mean MugginIt was really cool and weird to be a part of that glitz and glamour. It was almost like we were rock stars with the attention we got. Looking forward to seeing where all of those photos and videos end up!

Afterwards, we were treated to food at the lounge. Got the opportunity to hang out a bunch of the players. It was cool to make friends with some of the best players in Canada. Special shout-outs to Whapsix, Sideshow, Gonzoshow, Raynex and Golden Moonlight for being extra cool dudes.

Street Fighter V Ken TrainingAfter the party, I went back to the hotel to practice. I knew my first match was against a Ken player, so I put in some work on my Ken strategies. I also knew that if I won my first fight, I would have to fight Raynex next, who is the best Necalli in the country. Knowing that I’d be in tough, I watched some of his videos and came up with a few counters before calling it a night.

Street Fighter V Warm-Ups

On game day, we all got in a few hours early to register, take another round of photos and warm up. I got to warm up against Bee, who is a Canadian Marvel vs. Capcom 3 legend. Though we wouldn’t end up crossing paths in the tournament, it was cool to spar with him here.

Street Fighter V CrowdAt some point after warm-ups, the audience was let in. It was a great crowd that took up about 75% of the theatre by the end of it. They were given thundersticks, plus they were really into the action in general, so the theatre was really loud.

Once it was time to battle, I felt really good. Unlike the regionals, I didn’t suffer from any tournament jitters, even though the crowd was much bigger and louder. By the end of my run, I finished in 17th place. Considering the fact that I was up against the best in the country, I’m really proud of that placing.

It’s been one heck of a ride. From never having won a tournament, to being a regional champion, to holding my own against Canada’s finest, this was a great building block in my progress as a fighting game player. I’m going to be taking a break from the game for a bit, but I’ll be back and ready to throw down again by the time Canada Cup rolls around!

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2 thoughts on “The Cineplex World Gaming Street Fighter V Finals

  1. jsicktheslick May 31, 2016 / 4:28 PM

    So proud of you, Jett! We were rooting for you here in the States!

    • Jett June 1, 2016 / 11:55 PM

      Thanks for the love!

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