Street Fighter V General Story A Shadow Falls Review

At launch, Street Fighter V was roasted by critics and players for a lack of single player content. The Character Story mode included was a slap-dash mess of corny voice acting set to bad art and one-round fights against brain dead AI that only lasted two hours. Beyond that, you were left with an infuriating Survival mode that was awful to play, yet pivotal for unlocking colours.

Capcom hopes to address this deficiency with A Shadow Falls. This free DLC add-on adds a four-hour story filled with fully-rendered cutscenes along the lines of what Mortal Kombat has been doing lately. Is this a worthwhile addition to a game sorely lacking in content?

This story takes place in between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. M. Bison is back at it with his Shadaloo crew, unleashing a number of space probes in hopes of achieving world domination. The other world warriors, in their own ways, try to stop him. If you’re looking for something well-written or acted, this is not it. It’s cheesy at best, and there are some really confusing parts of the story that the game doesn’t do a good job of elaborating on.

Where it does excel is in the way it handles character interaction. For characters that we only really know for their moves and the words they yell while attacking, it’s great to see them have conversations or get into conflict that isn’t always physical. These moments are also cheesy, but make it more entertaining than it probably should be.

One of the things I hated about the Character Story mode was that fights only lasted one round each. This continues to be the case here. However, the fights are a touch more bearable because the AI is slightly more difficult. The one-round fights are also a plus once you unlock the Extra difficulty mode, as the computer becomes cheap to the point of being frustrating. In this case, only having to beat it once per fight is a huge plus.

It falls short of reaching the heights achieved by Mortal Kombat 9’s story mode, but I still found this to be at least mildly entertaining. It also doesn’t hurt that you can earn upwards of 80,000 Fight Money for beating it on both difficulty settings. Wish this was included in the launch version of the game, though I’m ultimately glad it’s here now. Hopefully Capcom takes the time to add more stories to the game, cause I’m definitely interested in seeing them improve in this regard.

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