Highlights From the EB Games Sidewalk Sale

EB Games is in the midst of clearing out a bunch of its inventory through sidewalk sales. Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting much from them. However, the one by me happened to rent out an entire store space in the mall to fit all of the deals in. Here are a few things that caught my eye!

PlayStation Classic – $30 CAD

Yes, the PlayStation Classic fell well short of expectations. So much so, that this particular store had tons of them in shipping boxes. Even at 75% off its original retail price, these were not flying off the shelves. Having bought one at this price a few months ago, I think someone can get $30 of entertainment out of it. That said, it’s hard to not think about what could have been. Nevertheless, there are no shortage of PlayStation Classic consoles if you’re interested.

Commodore 64 Mini – $35 CAD

I’m just old enough to remember playing the Commodore 64 in school. Even then, they were ancient technology. Having one of these would be a neat way to jog my memory and have a slice of gaming history in a nice little package. Didn’t move on it this time, but it’s an interesting proposition nevertheless.

Nerf Rival – Overwatch Reaper Guns – $30 CAD

Normally sold at over double the price, these blasters look awesome! Grab a pair for less than the price of one and you’ll be screaming, “Die! Die! Die!” while spinning John Wu style in no time. I debated grabbing one to display for the stream, but decided not to this time.

Funko Pops – $3.33 CAD

Funko Pops are everywhere. EB had a ton on sale at the bargain basement price of $3.33. Even some of the big ones, such as an EB Games edition of Reinhardt from Overwatch was being sold at that price. If you’re a collector, you might find a few gems in there!

Hori D-Pad Controller (L) (Mario and Pikachu) $20 CAD

I swear by the Hori D-Pad Controller (L). This left Joy-Con alternative replaces the buttons on the bottom with a proper D-pad. Yes, the product has some limitations, but it’s a great alternative to buying a custom mod or attempting to mod a Joy-Con yourself. It’s the only left Joy-Con I use, since many of the games I play in handheld mode benefit greatly from it.

While I didn’t need another one, EB Games had them marked down to $20 when they’re normally $33. Having the Super Mario one now gives me more ways to be fashionable while still having superior control on the go.

For my fellow Canadians, do you have any plans on visiting your loca EB Games pop-up?


Buy the Hori Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (L) Now From Amazon.com

[Purchasing through this Amazon affiliate link gives me a small commission without adding any extra cost or effort to you. Thanks for your support!]

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