The Gaming Rotation – How Many Games Are You Juggling at Once?

From what I gather, Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t a particularly long game. And yet here I am, having owned it since launch, still just a fraction of the way through it.

A lot of things arose in the last few months that got in the way. Running the Extra Life marathon. The holidays. Writing for the site. Streaming. Creating content for the YouTube channel. Oh, and my quirk of playing only one game at a time.

A number of years ago, I went through a phase where I was stockpiling games at deeply-discounted prices. Going through that process made me realize that time and money are finite resources. There simply isn’t enough time for me to play all of the games I’d bought. Furthermore, that money I spent on games that I’d never get around to playing could have gone elsewhere.

When I came to this realization, I made a few bold changes to my approach:

1. I sold off almost the entirety of my backlog

2. I’ve made it a point to avoid buying games unless I was ready to play them immediately

3. I focus on one game at a time to give myself the best chance of finishing it

For the purposes of this post, we’ll keep the conversation to point #3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 came out just two weeks before Pokemon Sword and Shield. In theory, I could have beaten it in time. Unfortunately, other things got in the way and Pokemon bumped it out of my rotation.

My decision to stream Pokemon Sword and Shield only lengthened the delay. Since I only stream let’s play games once a week, it took about an extra month for me to beat it. Now that I’ve proven to be the very best, it’s time to finally save Peach, Mario, and the Toads.

How do you manage your game queue? Do you play one-at-a-time? Do you switch between games? What’s your process?

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2 thoughts on “The Gaming Rotation – How Many Games Are You Juggling at Once?

  1. Frostilyte January 23, 2020 / 8:49 AM

    Generally I try to stick to a formula of 1 primary game and 1 secondary game. The primary game is what I spend the majority of my time focusing on with my daily gaming time, while the secondary game is something that is more pick-up and play in nature that I’ll play for 30-120 minutes a day. The primary is played to completion, or when I decide it is no longer worth my time and dropped out of the rotation in favour of something new. Typically the secondary game is something I enjoy, but don’t want to play for my normal 4-6 hours daily.

    Though recently that’s gotten a bit…more murky. While I have a system I don’t stick to it religiously. I have been playing Yakuza 0, but dropped it out of the primary slot temporarily when Slay the Spire dropped the v2.0 update. Once I got my fill of slaying the spire I swapped Yakuza back in.

    But in general that’s the system I try to stick to. Helps make sure I keep completing the games I have, while allowing some daily time on stuff like Fantasy Strike, or Monster Hunter.

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