Uncomfortably Numb – Tetris 99 Live Stream

These last few weeks have been really tough for the stream as I struggle to find ways to re-stabilize my image quality. However, with the use of a VPN, this show was a much better viewing experience! Besides stacking blocks in Tetris 99 and securing at least one win before signing off, I share my experience having just done the Mansions of Madness escape room, weird dreams, and that time I temporarily lost the use of a limb!

View the full post to see the full stream and shoutouts!

Full Stream


    • Thank you to PlayerTwoStart and GaoLiOnTheRocks for helping me test the stream across Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer!
    • Thank you to everyone that hosted the channel!
    • Thank you to everyone that tuned in! I appreciate your company!

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