Notes and Observations from the PlayStation 5 Reveal

Who else was surprised that Sony named their new console the PlayStation 5?

Kidding! Though we didn’t need Nostradamus to predict that, Sony did reveal a lot of new info regarding their latest console during their recent event. This assortment of notes is by no means comprehensive or in chronological order, but I thought were worth sharing anyway.

After Microsoft unveiled their vertical tower design for the Xbox Series X, I was very curious to see which direction Sony would go for its design. Sticking with a more traditional form factor, the PlayStation 5 stands out with its swooping curves and air vents the wrap around at least half of the console. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I quite like its bold look.

It’s curvaceous look may come with a slight catch. While it appears that the console can lie on its side, it requires a special stand in order to achieve that effect. Otherwise, it’s bound to wobble on a flat surface.

Sony also revealed the existence of a digital-only version. Microsoft started releasing digital-only consoles towards the tail-end of the Xbox 360, but it seems like Sony will be launching their disc-less console at launch. Are you ready to abandon discs? I still like having physical ownership of my games and the ability to take advantage of sales outside of the digital store. However, maybe the cost savings between the two could say others into going all-digital?

There are a few key details we still don’t know. Sony has yet to narrow down the launch date of the PS5 beyond this year. We also don’t know how much this console will cost. Hoping that the sticker shock won’t be too bad, as I’m aiming to pick up either the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X at launch.

Starting with Grand Theft Auto V was weird, but I get it. After that, the presentation really kicked into high gear. Spider-Man: Miles Morales instantly became my #1 reason for getting a PS5. Then, after much confusion, Insomniac Games confirmed that it’s a game that is smaller in scale to the original. More in line with something like Uncharted: Lost Legacy. A smaller experience isn’t inherently bad, but I wish Sony was more forthcoming within the trailer itself.

Not long after, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart stole the show. Almost seamlessly warping between disparate worlds, it served as a fantastic demonstration of the new solid-state drive and how it can be used to create experiences we haven’t tried before. Never played any of the games in the series before, but this makes me think I should catch up!

Not surprised that Sony would want to bring Sackboy back in some form. Seeing him in a 3D platformer though was…a bit odd, considering his 2D roots. Nevertheless, if this means that he’s backed by jumping physics that aren’t cribbed from the Little Big Planet series, I’m all for it.

Horizon: Forbidden West looks fantastic! Missed out on the first one due to it coming out within a week of Breath of the Wild. Really should get caught up.

Oh look! There’s a game bearing my name! Gonna have to update my list. Don’t really know what it’s about, but I’ll take anything that puts the name on a higher pedestal for the benefit of Jett-kind.

Overall, I thought this was a fairly strong showing from Sony. We finally got to see the box and some pretty good reasons to pick one up. Very curious to see how Microsoft responds. Though I’m just one person, I’m still aiming to get at least one of the two next gen consoles. Which box will it be?

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