She Stole a Kiss?! – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 18

Out of nowhere, Emily steals a kiss from me and now I’m in a love…square? Beyond my complicated in-game love life, we also discuss weird video game controllers, share which Twitch streamer I’m jealous of, and I indulge in a moment of Dorito ASMR!

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Full Stream

Use the in-video chapters for highlights!

00:00 – Intro Song “Dropped Frames (Remix)”
02:50 – First Day
11:00 – Get Your Spray Paint Art Prints When You Support My Extra Life Campaign!
22:55 – How I Discovered Stardew Valley
28:00 – Thoughts on Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
34:00 – Would You Live Outside of Earth?
43:45 – Dealing in Edibles?
47:33 – Ketchup Doritos From Canada!
49:05 – Dorito ASMR
01:00:10 – My Cousin’s First Time Seeing Snow
01:11:09 – I’m VERY Jealous of a Certain Twitch Streamer
01:18:00 – Why is Pierre At My House?
01:22:30 – Emily Steals a Kiss!
01:27:55 – Thoughts on the Mass Effect Trilogy and BioWare Games At Large
01:41:20 – Stardew Valley Song “Cold Winter”
01:47:10 – Feast of the Winter Star
01:56:50 – Solo Carry Fishing
02:04:06 – That $10,000 24K Gold PlayStation 5
02:05:45 – Are You Getting an Xbox Series S?
02:15:41 – Weird Video Game Controllers
02:38:15 – Outro


Emily Steals a Kiss!

Randy and I Playing Street Fighter II on DDR Dance Mats


    • Thank you to everyone who hosted my channel during this stream!
    • Thank you to everyone who tuned in! Always appreciate your company!

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