Happily Ever After! – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 22

You may kiss! And just like that, Jettt and Abigail are bound together in holy matrimony. Along the way, we discuss many wedding-related topics, including my idea for Steff and I to renew our vows at an official Taco Bell wedding!

The Stardew Valley series is officially over. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this journey at any point! Though now is a great time to take an extended break from a game we’ve been streaming for the past seven months (!), I wouldn’t count out a return to the valley at some point in the future. Stay tuned!

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Full Stream

Use the in-video chapters for highlights!

00:00 – Intro Sermon
02:24 – First Day
13:30 – What Was Your Wedding Experience Like?
15:40 – Inviting Haley to the Wedding
16:40 – Taking Marriage Courses
26:13 – Got a Horse!
33:50 – Importance of a Good Wedding DJ
43:00 – Taco Bell Wedding?
48:30 – The Wedding Ceremony!
52:30 – Future of the Channel Post-Stardew?
01:04:50 – Prayers Up to BlazingBlueFire
01:32:30 – Oops!
01:37:00 – Should I Divorce Abigail?
01:45:45 – Closing Remarks
01:50:00 – SnapChat for Streams
01:57:00 – RGB Microphone for Streaming?
02:01:05 – Reliving the Stardew Valley Highlights
02:21:10 – Outro


Inviting Haley to the Wedding

Jettt and Abigail Get Married!

Taco Bell Wedding!?

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    • Thank you to everyone who tuned in! Always appreciate your company!

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