Create Your Own Tetris 99 or General Chat Countdown Timer with LioranBoard

As a regular Tetris 99 streamer who plays with viewers, it can be a real struggle for us to join the same lobby. With no game or system-level party system to speak of, players only hope of matching is to queue up at the exact same time. Simply counting down with your voice doesn’t work, as Twitch delay can be upwards of 20 seconds depending on which device the viewer is watching on.

Some players have suggested that I try managing the countdown with a bot. Recently, I saw a Tetris 99 streamer using a bot in action. Then I realized that I have the tech to make my own!

You can make your own too with the help of LioranBoard!

LioranBoard is an application that connects Twitch to OBS in ways that give streamers a ton of new features. Most notably, this software allows users to control the stream through Channel Points or chat commands. If you’re interested in seeing what’s possible, check out my stream sometime.

Anyhow, this app can also be used to create some bot-like functionality. Here’s an example of a timer I made using LioranBoard!

1. Install LioranBoard. Admittedly, this is a bit of a process in itself. I recommend you follow this guide first on how to set up the software before moving on.

2. Once you’re set up, go to your deck where you manage your functions. If this is your first time using LioranBoard, start a new deck. Click on any of the empty grid spaces and create a new button. Label it “Countdown” or whatever you like.

3. With the button properly labeled, select Edit Commands. From here, you’ll add a series of “Twitch: Chat Message” commands, which will be the messages your bot says when it’s counting down. I like to start with a message for 20 seconds, 10 seconds, and the. Counting down from five-to-one with it ending on go. In the Delay(MS) column, specify the number of milliseconds between each command so that the messages fire off at the right time. If you’d like, feel free to copy my exact settings pictured above. Hit “Done”.

4. Back on the deck, click on your countdown button and select “Add Twitch Triggers”. Add a chat command and use whatever message you want as the trigger. I personally use “!countdown”. I also configure the command so that only I can use it, but maybe you want viewers or mods to have the ability to trigger the countdown as well. Go with what works best for you. Select “Done” when you’re finished.

5. On the deck view, select “Done”. Your changes won’t take until you back out to the main menu by pressing “Done”.

Now type your countdown command in the chat. If it’s configured correctly, your Twitch account should handle the countdown for you!

For other Tetris 99 Twitch streamers out there, I hope this helps you keep your chat in sync with you! Not sure if there are other uses for this tech, but I’d love to hear from you with cases for where something like this could prove beneficial.

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