Make Your Camera Any Shape in OBS with Image Masks

By default, your camera feed will appear as a rectangle. But did you know that you can make your camera appear in any shape you want? Yes, it’s possible to just round out the corners, go full-on circle, or any other shape your can imagine. Here’s how you can achieve this look in OBS or Streamlabs OBS!

NOTE: This guide assumes that you only want the shape for specific scenes and not every scene your camera appears in. For example, you might want the circle view in your gameplay scene but a rectangle for your intermission scene. I’ll explain the significance of this when we get to that step.

1. In OBS, record a snippet of your main camera view. Even a second is more than enough.

2. Open the recording in Windows Media Player or any other media player you use. Take a screenshot from the recording, maintaining the exact dimensions of your view. For example, my camera view is configured to 1920×1080, so my screenshot should be 1920×1080.

3. Open that screenshot in Photoshop or whatever photo editing software you have. Yes, even Paint should do the trick.

4. The screenshot you took will act as a reference for creating the image mask. Image masks allow you to show or hide any part of a source based on the mask that you apply. In the above example, I wanted my face to appear in a circle. As such, I drew a circle and filled the area in white. You can create whatever shapes you like, as long as you know that the white areas of your image mask will show through in OBS while the black areas are cropped out.

5. For the remaining space, fill it in black. OBS will cut out anything in the source covered by the black area.

6. Go back to OBS. In the view where you want your camera to be cropped, add it to a group. You do not need to add anything besides your camera to the group. Adding the camera to a group allows for the shape to only affect your camera in this view. Otherwise, applying the image mask directly to the camera itself will apply the image mask across every scene.

7. Highlight the group in your source list. Right click and select “Filters”.

8. Under Effect Filters, add a Image Mask/Blend filter. Then in Path, select the image mask you created. When applied, everything in white will still be visible while everything in black is cut out.

Above is what my camera view looks like with the circle image mask applied.

9. Resize the camera within the scene to the desired size.

Presto! Not only do you have a unique shape for your camera feed, the new shape won’t impact your camera anywhere else.

Knowing what you know now, what shape will you contour your camera view to be?

[NOTE: If the only thing you want to do is round the corners, there’s an easier way to do it than this. Feel free to use this method for now, but I aim to write a guide on how to easily round the corners of your camera view soon!]

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