Beyond: Two Souls and Cold Feet

Up until the reviews hit, I was hotly anticipating the release of Beyond: Two Souls. As the latest creation from the makers of Heavy Rain starring Ellen Page, this seemed like a surefire winner. However, it’s hard to keep my fervor going after seeing the divisive reviews from critics. In particular, concerns from some of the most outspoken critics in regards to its weak story and gameplay issues have cooled off my intentions of buying this one for the time being.

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Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll

Although I haven’t stepped on an actual skateboard since I was 10 years old, I’ve had some good times with skateboarding video games. I started with the genre oddly enough on Tony Hawk 2 on the Gameboy Advance, which I thought was great. I then bought Tony Hawk 3 on the Gamecube and it was the pinnacle of video game skateboarding fun for me at the time. The last serious foray into skateboarding games for me was Tony Hawk: American Wasteland on the DS, which was alright, but I never played it for more than 30 minutes.