Beyond: Two Souls and Cold Feet

Up until the reviews hit, I was hotly anticipating the release of Beyond: Two Souls. As the latest creation from the makers of Heavy Rain starring Ellen Page, this seemed like a surefire winner. However, it’s hard to keep my fervor going after seeing the divisive reviews from critics. In particular, concerns from some of the most outspoken critics in regards to its weak story and gameplay issues have cooled off my intentions of buying this one for the time being.

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To Review or Not Review Video Games…

…that is the question.

I like to think to myself that I write this blog for me first. I turn to this blog whenever I have a gaming thought I think is worth writing down and I make it happen. It’s a very therapeutic process for me. However, I also love to look at my analytics to see what does well and what doesn’t. Posts about fightsticks? Money in the bank. Posts about sexy video game characters? They never go out of style. Video game reviews? The numbers aren’t pretty.

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