My Favourite Nintendo 3DS Games

Confession: I don’t like the Nintendo 3DS. Heck, I’d go as far as saying I never liked the Nintendo 3DS. Hot off the heels of the phenomenal DS Lite, it failed to capture my interest like its predecessor due to a 3D gimmick that proved pointless and a software library that was sorely underwhelming. Even before the release of the Nintendo Switch, I had largely abandoned the platform.

While Nintendo may say that the Nintendo 3DS will carry on in spite of the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, I think that now is a great time for me to close my book on this era of handheld gaming. I may not have liked the hardware or the catalogue as a whole, but there were some incredible games that blessed the Nintendo 3DS with their presence. In no particular order, here are my favourite Nintendo 3DS games!

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Sushi Go Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

The inclusion of Sushi Go onto this list even caught me by surprise. Though the review only recently went live, I’ve had this game for a few months now and have played it a lot. In most cases, the game worked well, though it wasn’t anything that blew me out of the water.

That is, until I broke out it out with my coworkers. Maybe it was just the crowd that I played it with, but the game shined that night in a way that I didn’t think it could. On that night, the sushi moved around the table for hours as my coworkers wouldn’t stop playing it. Whether it hits that super nova level of awesome again remains to be seen. However, even at it’s “worst”, the game is still going to be fun any time you break it out. Congratulations Sushi Go for making the list!

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