Highlights from Fan Expo Canada 2019

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, tens of thousands converged on the Metro Toronto Convention centre for Fan Expo Canada. This my 10th show and the event continues to be a highlight in my pop culture calendar.

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably seen most of what I’m posting here. But I will try and add some commentary to some of the cool things I saw at this year’s show!

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A Decade of Geek Conventions and Other Community Events

I’m not a Star Trek fan. While I enjoyed the first two Chris Pine movies, the franchise’s particular flavour of sci-fi wasn’t my cup of tea. And yet around this time in 2010, I found myself dying of laughter as William Shatner went on a hilarious rant about his time working on the show. Even with no real background on his work or his life, I was moved by the sheer spectacle of this famous guy with a microphone on stage. I still haven’t really delved into the world of Star Trek, but I’ll never forget that one night at Fan Expo Canada.

Up until my wife and I visited our first convention with that William Shatner panel among many other attractions, video games, board games, and other nerdy pursuits (TM) have mostly been a pastime I’d enjoy alone or with a small group of friends. By attending my first convention, it opened the door to celebrate our shared fandoms with a community. My life hasn’t been the same since.

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I’m Going to Fan Expo 2012

Canada’s ComicCon North begins this week in Toronto! For the third year in a row, Steff and I have tickets to partake in all four days of Fan Expo. Some of the things I’m excited to see/do at the show include:

Levar Burton. Reading Rainbow for the win! Also, Star Trek.

– ZombiU will be there. Not too hyped about that game, but its presence means the WiiU should be there in some form.

– Buy all sorts of nerdy stuff

– Enjoy the sight of mostly well-done cosplay

– Be one with my fellow nerds

Though I have yet to figure out how I’m going to document our adventures, I’ll think of something. Also, content will continue as scheduled, so don’t worry about a dip in stuff to read.

Not sure if it’s too late to buy tickets, but you can learn more at the Fan Expo Canada website. If you’re coming out, maybe I’ll see you there this weekend!