World Cosplay Summit and the Globalization of Japanese Culture

When I think about globalization, my mind defaults to thinking about the ways in which the world at large has embraced North American culture. For example, when we were in London and Paris earlier this year, we heard the same music blasting on speakers everywhere we went. Who would have thought that Paris would love “Old Town Road” so much?

Maybe it’s just me being ignorant for not seeing the ways in which globalization has gone the other way. I acquired a taste for video games thanks in large part due to games that Nintendo and other Japanese developers were publishing in the 80s and 90s. Tetris, a game I herald as the closest thing mankind has made to the perfect video game, is a Russian export. I don’t really watch anime anymore, but there were stretches of time where I obsessed over Dragon Ball and Bleach. Heck, if I turn on the radio here, it won’t take long before I hear the K-Pop sounds of BTS.

After watching the documentary Cosplay Culture on Netflix Amazon Prime, it served as yet another reminder of how work from foreign countries can have a massive influence around the world.

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Some Thoughts On I Got Next (Short Version)

“I Got Next” is a documentary about the fighting game scene. Filmed during the Sinsation tournament earlier this year, its goal as a movie is to cover the scene and the people behind competitive fighting games. I watched the short version of the film at A longer version of the movie is due out this winter, with footage from Evo 2009.

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