Just Dance 2 Review

When Just Dance first came out, I did not expect it to be the smash-hit that it ended up becoming. It won millions of people over with its great concept, song list and it was fun to play. Even though I had some problems with the game’s design as far as how it reads inputs, most people were too busy doing the MC Hammer dance.

Though I didn’t purchase the first game, I played enough of it with my girlfriend to know that I would probably have fun with the sequel. On launch day, we both went to her local Best Buy and bought our own copies. Does Just Dance 2 serve up the goods, or does it just get served?

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Pick Up Post: Just Dance 2

The first Just Dance was nothing short of a smash hit. It was a game that did a great job catering to the Wii audience, in spite of the gripes I had from a hardcore gamer perspective; which wouldn’t matter to the vast majority of people who would play or buy this game in the first place. To be fair, once I stopped thinking about the game as a hardcore game reviewer and started thinking about it as just someone wanting to play a dance game with others, the original was a lot of fun.

Yesterday evening, my girlfriend went to pick up her copy of Just Dance 2, which might be her most anticipated game of the year. After a long weekend of Just Dance 1 madness with her, my brother, my cousins and I, my brother and I decided to go half on our own copy as well.

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Girlfriend Gaming: How Ubisoft Won Her Brand Loyalty

Ever since she got a Wii for Christmas last year, I’ve noticed that my girlfriend looks at Ubisoft in a very positive light. She as built up quite a collection of Wii games for herself, many of them published by Ubisoft. Thanks to her positive experiences with Ubisoft games, she’s become a Ubisoft fan in the same way that I’m a fan of Capcom. When she sees that Ubisoft logo on the game box, she expects that game to be good. When we visited the Ubisoft booth at Fan Expo, she was hyped to receive a promo code on Ubisoft games and tried to cash it in the moment we got back to the hotel. To her disappointment, it didn’t work on pre-orders and she’d already bought every other Ubisoft game she wanted.

How did Ubisoft win her over to the point where she equates their brand with good games?

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