Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

Worst Pokemon game ever?

No entry in the Pokemon series has caught heat quite like Pokemon Sword and Shield. When word got out that this title would buck the trend of supporting every Pokemon, the news disappointed many and sent a vocal minority into a tizzy. The drama hit a fever pitch around the launch of the game, as the outcry over everything cut from the game sat diametrically opposed to the generally positive reviews from the press. With so much conflicting information going around, who could you trust?

Ultimately, I decided to trust in myself by going through with my purchase of Pokemon Sword. Good or bad, at least I would know for sure where I stood on the discussion. I hope you get the chance to play the game and come to your own conclusions as well.

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My Approach to Team-Building in Pokemon Games

In our ongoing quest to be the very best, there are a number of ways one can approach the task of building a team of Pokemon worthy of earning all eight gym badges. Some love to hunt for Shiny Pokemon. Others add an extra layer of complexity by partaking in a Nuzlocke challenge. I…mostly do just enough to get through the story.

Here’s my approach to building a Pokemon team!

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Early Notes Regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is Nintendo’s flagship release for 2019. A ton of hype followed this title up to its release, but also a lot of controversy due to the ways in which this game veers from precedents set by past games. We’ll get to that later in this post.

As of writing, my character “Jettt” is standing on the steps of the first gym. With a full review not coming anytime soon, I thought I’d share a few early notes about my experiences thus far.

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