Team Battle, Password Match, New Control Options, and Past Event Themes Return in Tetris 99

Where we droppin!?

A big free update just shook up Tetris 99 in a big way, including a new team-based battle mode. Let’s break it down!

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My Approach to Team-Building in Pokemon Games

In our ongoing quest to be the very best, there are a number of ways one can approach the task of building a team of Pokemon worthy of earning all eight gym badges. Some love to hunt for Shiny Pokemon. Others add an extra layer of complexity by partaking in a Nuzlocke challenge. I…mostly do just enough to get through the story.

Here’s my approach to building a Pokemon team!

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My Pokemon Go Squad

Shortly after the release of Pokemon Go, I made it a goal of mine to put together a dream team. While I have completed the Pokedex and reached north of level 30, I still feel like I have a ways to go. For now though, thought it would be fun to share some highlights from my collection!

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