Make It A Blockbuster Night

Blockbuster has had it rough over the last few years. With multiple threats coming from piracy, DVD mailing services like Netflix and direct download options from sources such as iTunes, Things have been so bad, that I’ve seen a number of Blockbuster stores go out of business in and around my area.

I’m not one to rent stuff, but I have been raiding as many Blockbuster stores as I can of late, because they’ve been a great place to buy cheap games. A combination of closing sales as well as clearance deals have helped me flesh out my catalogue. I jumped in on most of these sales fairly late, so I wasn’t able to score games like Modern Warfare 1 for $10 (which I heard a bunch of people did get), but I did get some good stuff (and some not-so-great freebies).

Hit the break to find out what I’ve gotten so far.


Ever since the demo for the first game caught me by surprised, I’ve been interested in giving the full game a go. Yeah, I know I’m really late, with Skate 3 due in May, but I was able to grab the original for $15.

Prince of Persia

Even though this franchise reboot has sold over 2.2 million copies and in general was critically well received, it still managed to disappoint both Ubisoft and gamers looking for “Sands of Time” Prince of Persia. I’ve been intrigued to try this out due to the game’s gorgeous visuals and gameplay that is notably less punishing than Prince of Persia games in the past. I was able to grab this for $10.


This overlooked Capcom adventure game was critically acclaimed and even won a few game of the year awards when it first came out in 2006. However, it bombed at retail so hard that the developers of Okami got let go. I’ve been looking forward to experiencing this visual treat that features Zelda-like gameplay for a long time now. At $10 for the Wii version, there isn’t a better time than now to finally experience this for myself.

Rainbow Six: Vegas

At the time of its release, it was a good first-person shooter. Though by now, I suspect that this game hasn’t aged well in the face of Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3. To tell you the truth, I have 0 interest in playing this game. When I bought Prince of Persia, I was entitled to a $4.99 game for free, and Rainbow Six: Vegas was the only one that wasn’t complete garbage. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to this, but it’s probably fine at the cost of free.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

I may be a bit of a gaming snob, but I could tell just by looking at the box that this game is going to suck. Codemasters generally isn’t a quality publisher, and an alternate history game set in the WWII-era that requires you to shoot Nazi’s isn’t the most original premise. The thing is, when I bought Okami, I was entitled to a $4.99 game for free. It came down to either this, Conflict: Denied Ops and Madden ’08. Two of these games suck, and one of them is an out-of-date game about a sport I don’t like. I went with Turning Point because the game came in a case that was in good condition. I unfortunately have one broken 360 case at home that doesn’t securely hold a disc, which basically dooms whatever game in there to a scratch-filled Hell should I wiggle it around. Now that I have Turning Point, I am able to switch the cases so that the good game gets the good case and Turning Point won’t get scratched in the broken case because I’ll probably never play it.

Sure, at this point, there are very few diamonds left in the Blockbuster rough. But in my adventures, I was able to gather together a few good games I’ve wanted for a while at a bargain basement price. As far as Rainbow Six and Turning Point, who knows? Maybe I’m in for a surprise.

In any case, I’ll have impressions on these games in the following weeks. If you’re on the market for some good and cheap games, you never know what you’ll find.

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