That’s The Sound of My Wallet Caving For Disney Infinity

Up until recently, I’ve been fairly dismissive of Disney Infinity. Not to say that I didn’t care, as I enjoy both Disney and Skylanders. However, I didn’t put in any time to look into what this was. I simply assumed it would be a more expensive version of Activision’s toy juggernaut. Upon further investigation, this actually looks really cool and unique.

Skylanders is basically one game with a bunch of different characters you can play as. With Infinity, it’s a mix of a number of different games based on each Disney universe. Watching the variety between the Pirates of the Caribbean, Incredibles and Monsters U games adds an instant layer of appeal to the whole thing, as there’s inherently more to do. It’s also cool that the game lets you mix and match everything through its Toy Box mode.

With the additional characters and Power Discs in the mix, there are a ton of different ways to expand the experience. Of course, this is a very slippery slope to go down, as the investment can easily spiral into the hundreds if you’re really into it. Then again, if you’re into it, what’s the harm in that? Steff and I think this could be a great game we can enjoy together with a lot of room for the experience to grow as they release more characters, discs, and games based on other Disney franchises. We don’t have our hands on it yet, though this is definitely something we want to try in the near future.

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