Street Fighter V Final Beta Laura Matches and Impressions

While it’s easy to get mesmerized by her stunning looks, Laura can also make you see stars with her assortment of strikes and grabs. Key to her offense is her Bolt Charge, an elbow move with a number of different grab-based enders. If you’re able to combo into any version of the Bolt Charge, she’s going to score a ton of damage. To keep people on their toes, she also has a traditional command grab that can really catch people off guard if you do the EX version.

What makes her challenging is that her combo potential is really limited, thus making her offense very predictable. Opponents will know that you’re fishing for the Bolt Charge at all times, meaning you’re going to have to get creative with how you land it. Her slow fireball and dashing V-Skills can help, but you’re really going to have to work for your damage. I really enjoyed playing as her in the beta, but I feel like her ceiling might be a bit too low for me due to her dependency on the Bolt Charge.

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