Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo Impressions

Following the thread left by Yoshi’s Wooly World, Nintendo goes back to the craft supplies drawer for Yoshi’s Crafted World. Based on what we’ve seen from the demo, any sort of art supplies appear to be fair game this time around. But is there more to this Nintendo Switch platformer than the addition of paper, cardboard, and buttons?

Once again, you’ll control Yoshi in a 2D-platformer. Only this time, it’s not quite as linear as left-to-right. This time, the levels have been designed with the ability to move in-and-out of the screen in predefined pathways.

The one playable stage in the demo has you move Yoshi inside buildings and shoot objects in the background. In the most dramatic use of this slightly more open level design, the back half of the demo is an open area that requires you to find three pieces of a broken train strewn about before you can put it back together and ride to the end. Finding the pieces wasn’t hard, but the notion that gameplay elements like this are included gives me hope that we’ll see more openness and creativity in its level design.

Once you’ve completed the demo level, you’re given the option to play through the level backwards. Having seen this in the trailer, I thought this was a stupid idea. In practice, it’s a little less hokey. The change in camera angle does give you a different look at your surroundings. Also, in this particular instance, you get a new objective that will push you to experience the level in a different way.

I know it’s just a demo and there’s only one level to play, but the one available is pretty bland. Not much in the way of challenge and it just scratches the surface of what could be possible. Thankfully, the teaser trailer at the end of the demo shows a number of more imaginative ways that the game uses the depth effects to its advantage.

Yoshi’s Crafted World is out on March 29th. I’m not expecting this game to blow my mind, but I do have a pre-order locked in and I hope it’s at least a pleasant jaunt through a cutesy world filled with craft supplies.

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