Top 5 In Third Person Posts: January 2011 Edition

The late 2010 success of In Third Person continued into the new year. While my blog will never reach the heights of an IGN or Kotaku, In Third Person has grown from a site with a few dozen visitors a month to a few thousand, which is really damn good for a pet project I do in my spare time. If you keep visiting, I’ll keep writing!

January’s top posts are an interesting bunch. I don’t think any of these posts appeared the last time I wrote one of these top 5 wrap-ups. If you’d like to check out the most popular posts of January, read on!

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Am I Ready for Dead Space 2?


The hype train for Dead Space 2 has been gradually building for the past year or so. While the original game got off to a slow sales start, it eventually sold really well and won a lot of people over. I for one gave the game a shot around this time last year and was very impressed. Almost too impressed in a way. You see, that game was so good at being scary that I couldn’t handle the fear anymore.

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