Massive Street Fighter V Update Hits Today with Ibuki, Balrog and More!

The last few months have been rather sad for Street Fighter V fans thanks to Capcom missing their deadlines for content updates, but they repay it in kind today with the biggest update yet! We’re finally getting a Story mode that the game is sorely lacking, daily challenges, two new characters, two new stages, the store and more!

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My Latest Street Fighter IV Project: Balrog

In the early days of Street Fighter IV, I saw Balrog as one of the coolest characters in the game. He was also one of the most popular, as pro-players like Gootecks and PR Balrog proved that the character was viable in tournament play. As the game evolved and new characters were added though, his popularity fell off a cliff.

Despite that, I’ve always toyed with the idea of playing Balrog seriously. I always loved the idea of smashing people with the headbutt and finishing them off with the Violent Buffalo Ultra Combo before they hit the ground. After completing my work with Evil Ryu, it felt like a good time to move onto something new.
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Ultra Street Fighter IV battle: El Fuerte (jettFTW) vs Balrog (IfretDginn)

Despite the fact that El Fuerte is arguably the most hated character in the cast, I’ve been a fan of his since the original Street Fighter IV. His fighting style is so unorthodox and reliant on good reads that it really takes a special player to make the most of him. I’ve noodled around with the character off-and-on since then, and never really got anywhere with him.

Inspired by Pepeday winning the Ultra Street Fighter IV Tokyo Game Show tournament with El Fuerte, I picked the character up again to see if I could make anything of it. Clearly, I have a long way to go, but at least with Pepeday making some noise on the scene, I’ve got something to aim for.

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Analyzing My Worst Match-Ups As a Rose Player in Street Fighter IV

One of the least talked about features in the Street Fighter IV series of games is the way in which it tracks your progress. Not only does it track your wins and losses, but it also tracks your winning percentage on a per-character basis. This way, players can see how successful their main character is against the rest of the cast.

Over the years, the game has a lot of data around how I play the game. In between Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, I’ve invested over 2,000 hours of my life into this. In particular, there’s a wealth of Rose data in there that could prove handy. For the purposes of this post, I only took a screen grab of my 10 worst match-ups on PSN, though I don’t think my Xbox numbers would veer too much from this. It’s also a sample size of close to 4,000 matches, so I think this on its own will be good to work with. Let’s check out the skeletons in my closet.

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