Playing Video Games on PC for the First Time in 25 Years

The last time I played video games on a PC, I used the arrow keys to move Doom guy in Doom II. WASD controls weren’t even a thing yet.

In the mid 90s, I was put off on the platform by clunky installation processes and steep hardware requirements I couldn’t meet. Can’t run Doom on my 386? That was enough for me to abandon the largest gaming platform entirely.

Admittedly, I haven’t missed it much at all. As a diehard Nintendo fan, their first party titles have given me plenty to play. Any spare time gets filled by Sony or Microsoft. Still have my PlayStation 5 pre-order ready to rock, ensuring that I’ll stick with console gaming for at least one more generation.

Even the so, the PC gaming drought is officially over. How did I end up back here?

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The Worthwhile Compromise of Retro Mini Consoles

Playing old video games in modern times is a weird experience. On one hand, we’ve been able to play older games on newer hardware for quite some time. However, I’ve always preferred the experience of playing games with original controllers on original hardware.

Going the other way, collecting and playing retro games in their original form is such a pain and only getting harder. Classic consoles are oftentimes difficult to hook up to modern TVs and the picture is often compromised. Worse yet, the prices for original copies has soared due to scarcity and demand.

When done right, the modern wave of retro mini consoles is proving to be a solid compromise between the two.

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First Impressions of the Xbox One

photo(45)I may own a PlayStation 4, but does it have Titanfall? Nope. Does it have Killer Instinct? Nope. Are Titanfall and Killer Instinct the two games that I really wanted to play more than anything in the current crop of next generation software? Yup. So while I don’t regret my decision to go with Sony’s console, I’ve longingly looked at the green grass on the other side of the fence, wishing I could play those exclusives instead.

Thanks to Steff being the best girlfriend in the universe, I don’t have dream anymore. The Xbox One is in my house and all is right with the world. Having spent a few days with it now, I thought I’d jot down my initial impressions of the hardware just as I did when I first got a PlayStation 4.

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There’s A Nintendo 2DS Now?

The other night while sitting on the couch, Steff asks me, “What do you think about the 2DS?” This was the first time I’d heard of Nintendo’s latest hardware announcement and seriously thought she was referring to some sort of internet joke. Then she pulls up the Nintendo website and plays their Nintendo 2DS promo video.

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