Dance Central 2 Review

Of all the Kinect games to have hit the market prior to the release of Dance Central 2, only its predecessor has been able to justify the existence of the peripheral to me. The implementation of real-life dancing as a gameplay mechanic was not only revolutionary from a technology perspective, but wildly fun for gamers and financially successful for Harmonix.

Though I reviewed the original Dance Central favourably for the most part when it first came out, it was not without fault. It’s biggest failings were that it didn’t make for a great multiplayer game and that its feature set was paper-thin, which is often a problem with launch games. Does the sequel build on its predecessor to provide a more complete dancing game experience?

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Coming Soon: Dance Central 2 Review

Are you ready to bust a move? The sequel to last year’s breakout Kinect hit is out now, and my brother picked up a copy of it late last week. At this point, I have not shaken my booty enough to write a full review but rest assured it’s on the way.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to prove to the haters why this Jett is so Fly Like A G6. Yes, that was a terrible pun and yes, I’m sorry.

Micro Post – Batman: Arkham City

I have nothing to contribute to the Batman: Arkham City discussion at this point in time other than I have a copy of it in front of me and am waiting to play it right after my brother is done with the Dance Central 2 demo.

For sure I’ll be playing the heck out of this one in the next few days, as I’m sure many of you will be too. I’ll need a bit of time to get through it, but for sure let’s talk about Batman: Arkham City in the near future!