Broly and Bardock Are Now Available For Purchase in Dragon Ball FighterZ!

The first two new combatants are ready to enter the Cell Games in Dragon Ball FighterZ! The legendary Saiyan Broly and Goku’s father Bardock join the fray, as if the game doesn’t already have enough Saiyans in the game. Yes, I would like to see more characters in the game that aren’t like Goku, but these two are notable characters in the lore and some of the most anticipated inclusions. In particular, I’m very curious to see what Broly adds to the game as the title’s first true big body (sorry Android 16).

This is the first pair of characters that make up the set of 8 coming to the game as part of season 1. Still loving this game and I’m excited for it Bandai Namco to continue supporting it!

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Live Stream

We go online to try out a new team with…mixed results. We also talk about Far Cry 5, arcade Punch-Out coming to the Switch, and the two new characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ! Apologies for the low volume on my mic! Will fix that for the next one.

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My Current Dragon Ball FighterZ B Team

Things with my main team are going great, but that hasn’t stopped me from further exploring the cast. The game is a ton of fun and I’m greatly enjoying the process of learning everything it has to offer. Today, let’s cover my latest foray into Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 21, Cell, and Goku Black!

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: Hit Confirms

When I first started getting into fighting games as a kid, one of my favourite things to do in Street Fighter II was to perform the classic two-hit combo of crouching heavy punch into heavy shoryuken. If it connected, it did a devastating amount of damage. However, if it missed, it left me wide open for a counter attack. For years, I simply thought that was the cost of doing business. It wasn’t until I got into the genre seriously that I learned a better way.

In this edition of the Universal Fighting Game Guide, we will cover the concept of hit confirmation, or hit confirms for short. By understanding how hit confirms work, you can maximize your offensive potential while minimizing your risk!

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Thoughts on Android 18 in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Originally created to kill Goku, Android 18 has since joined the Z fighters and married Krillin. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, she fights alongside of her twin brother Android 17 and they attempt to stop the evil Android 21.

She plays with an unorthodox style that can be difficult to grasp. In particular, her combo potential appears to be very limited due to the way her special moves work. However, extended combos aren’t really the focal point of her game plan. Instead, she has the tools to smother her foes with a seemingly inescapable barrage of pressure.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ BareFaceRiley (Tien/Gohan/Goku Blue) vs. Jett (Android 16/Goku Black/Goku)

What an epic fight! My Android 16 tears through most of his squad before his Goku Blue smashes mine. Came down to the wire!

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The Combat in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Weeks ago, when I first played the open beta, I had one major concern about Dragon Ball FighterZ. Would the gameplay hold up to the rigors of competitive play? While I certainly had fun in those first few hours, I had concerns that the game’s design was overly rigid, from half of the characters being Saiyans, to a combo system that isn’t as open ended as something you would find in a Marvel vs. Capcom game.

Now that we’re a few weeks in, I’ve really grown to appreciate what Dragon Ball FighterZ has to offer.

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Kickstart Guide to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Want to fight like a Super Saiyan, but you lose more often than Yamcha? Then hopefully you’ve come to the right place!¬†Dragon Ball FighterZ¬†is a frenetic 2D tag-based fighting game that can easily overwhelm players with its anime-quality visuals and combos that can send you careening through mountains. If you’re not prepared, you will quickly end up on the wrong end of an earth-shattering Kamehameha wave. Hopefully this handful of tips will help you push your power level towards 9,000!

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Version 1.0 of My Dragon Ball FighterZ Squad

A few weeks into Dragon Ball FighterZ, and I’m starting to come to grips with my team. Having played the full cast now at least a little bit, I’ve had a chance to get a feel for fighting like a Saiyan, as well as a sense for what I like and don’t like. There’s still much experimentation to be done, but so far I’ve got a team that I’m really happy with. Until further notice, my main squad is Android 16/Piccolo/Goku!

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Hype levels are over 9,000 for Dragon Ball FighterZ. After years of Namco Bandai putting the franchise into casual-friendly 3D fighting games, Goku and friends move to 2.5D with the assistance of the renown fighting game developers at Arc System Works. With their uncanny ability to seamless translate an anime art-style into games, along with their expertise in creating fighters, this is a match made in heaven. Did the final game shape up to be Super Saiyan levels of awesome?

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