10 Years of In Third Person: Moments in the Sun

Late last year, I was playing Tetris Effect when I stumbled on a cool secret level with visuals and music inspired by the 1989 Game Boy version of Tetris. Not thinking much of it, I recorded some video of it and put it on my channel. To my surprise, the video built a head of steam until it was prominently featured on Kotaku.

Whether they chose my video to feature at the top because it was the best one or only one available at the time, it was cool to get at least a subtle nod from one of the biggest gaming publications around. Here’s a few more times my work reached beyond the bounds of this site!

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Other Gaming Websites and Their Best of 2011 Awards

The subject of game of the year has just about run its course now that most of the major gaming publications, blogs of all sizes and message boards have had their say (including this one). Who did you agree with? Who do you think got it all wrong? Let’s discuss in the comments!

These Might Be the 25 Least-Loved Wii Games

Kotaku’s Nintendo Channel stat-tracking articles are some of my favourite pieces of gaming enthusiast press content. I applaud Stephen Totilo for going through the effort of digging through the Nintendo Channel stats every month to gather insights on what Wii players are playing.

In this particular case, what they’re not playing. Most recently, Kotaku posted an article called “The 25 Least-Loved Wii Games, Maybe“, which lists off the Wii games with the lowest average time played. There are a number of qualifiers and disclaimers you should know to give you context to this data, so I recommend you check out the original story on Kotaku if you haven’t already. If you have (or don’t want to heed to my warning) hit the jump to see the least-loved Wii games and my analysis of these unfortunate games.
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Scribblenauts Is Racist?

Over the last few hours, the video game blogosphere has been going insane over the inclusion of the word “sambo” in Scribblenauts.

Joystiq and Kotaku, just to name two outlets, have covered this topic, and I think blew it way out of proportion.

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