Sagat and G Make Their Street Fighter V Debut in This Set of Videos!

Revealed at EVO 2018 and released the next day, fan favourite Sagat and mysterious newcomer G enter the fray in Street Fighter V! Get your first glimpse of these fighters here!

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Out Now: Mega Man X Collection 1+2

In anticipation of Mega Man 11, Mega Man X Collection 1+2 hit stores and digital download platforms today! You can buy them separately digitally for $19.99 US, or buy the physical bundle for $39.99.

My history with this particular branch of the franchise is murky at best. I adore the first game, but haven’t really spent much time with the rest. I still have the first six X games on the last collection for Gamecube, but maybe I’ll double dip to get it on a modern platform.

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Adapt or Die! BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Matches

Falling behind early, I need to reassess my approach in order to prevent getting completely scraped by opposing players in this set of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle matches!

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Lumines Remastered Review

I missed Lumines in its 2004 heyday. While I have since grown up to embrace a platform-agnostic lifestyle, this game came out during a time when I was a fierce Nintendo loyalist and wanted nothing to do with anything associated with the PlayStation brand. So much so, that I actually got a PSP for free and sold it a few days later before even opening the box. Despite seeming to be a game right up my alley, this was caught squarely in the crosshairs of my overzealous fandom.

Fast forward to 2018 and Lumines finally makes its way to a Nintendo console, among other platforms to receive Lumines Remastered. Not to say that I wouldn’t have played it on something else, but the Switch seems like a great place to play this specific game due to its pick-up-and play nature and how well it could work as a portable experience. Does this blast from the past still shine in modern times?

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Super Star Wars Live Stream

Follow Luke on his quest to save the galaxy until he meets his untimely demise inside of a sandcrawler!

P.S. – Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! Enjoy the holidays!

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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Live Stream and Impressions

Finally got a chance to sit down and play through The Awesome Aventures of Captain Spirit! Watch me play it from beginning to end and let me know if you’re impressions of the game match or differ from mine!

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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Review

Historically, my relationship with the BlazBlue franchise has been strained at best. Initially wowed by its visual splendor, its gameplay complexity was impenetrable to me. As they had done previously with the Guilty Gear franchise, they stacked character-specific mechanics on top of an already steep list of system-level mechanics onto BlazBlue, making for a game with an incredibly steep learning curve. Even now, as someone with almost a decade of serious fighting game experience under my belt, mainline BlazBlue is too much for me to handle.

When news of a BlazBlue tag-team spinoff arose, I didn’t bat an eyelid. Having been burned by the first two entries in the series, I wasn’t ready to try again. However, after having spent some time with the demo, I realized that this wasn’t the same type of BlazBlue game that didn’t work for me back then.

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Azrael As It Gets! BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Matches

In tough against a player with 500+ more wins than me, and we’re still only in week 2!

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Team Ragna/Weiss! – BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Matches

Still VERY early in my BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle journey, but it’s still a lot of fun and I think I have the start of a team here!

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