First Ranked Matches in Overwatch

My first time jumping into the Overwatch ranked match deep end! It starts out pretty terribly, but I find my mojo by the end! That was a lot of fun! And thank you to everyone that kept me company on the chat!

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 featuring Reworked Torbjorn and My Brother Randy!

Boo! Halloween is in full effect in Overwatch! New gear, newly decorated stages, and a reworked Torbjorn! Randy joins me for the 2nd half of the stream as he streamed his gameplay on his Twitch channel!

My Favorite Overwatch Characters Version 1.0

In a world that’s currently enamored with Fortnite and the battle royale flavour of shooter, I’m just catching up to 2016 with a fierce obsession to Overwatch. During its heyday, I was too busy trying to be a Street Fighter V champion. Only now am I really giving it the time of day and I’m smitten with it. Yes, I’ve played Fortnite, but I much prefer the hero shooter style of play. I prefer playing as a predefined character with a unique personality and wildly varied tools that you must master the pros and cons of in order to succeed. In that sense, it’s a much closer parallel to fighting games, my favourite genre.

Odds are my feelings will change with time, but I wanted to document how I feel right now about the cast. Here’s a list of my favourite characters in Overwatch!

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I Love Chilli! Overwatch Ringer Carries Randy and I to Victory!

Randy came over to the house to test a modified streaming setup. We didn’t get the multi-feeds going this time, but we did get multiple mics going at once while manually switching feeds between games. I think I have a potential solution for that problem, but it will have to wait. For now, watch the stream as a Twitch viewer joins our squad and carries our team to victory! Oh yeah, towards the end of the stream, we hit a cool accomplishment by garnering our 1,000th view! Thank you all for tuning in!

Sombra in Action! Jett Plays Overwatch

D.Va is forever my Overwatch bae, but I’m continuing to expand my horizons to see what works for me from a gameplay perspective! This time, I put an extended period of time into Sombra! I like her rapid-fire sub-machine gun, as well as the way she can undermine her opponents’ tactics with her hacking ability! My Mercy also makes a cameo appearance in what I thought was an inspired performance!

Brothers of the Realm! Jett and Randy Play Paladins!

Randy and I reunite in the world of Paladins for the first time since the Dragon’s Call update! We play one game of that before going back to the standard modes. During the show, we discuss Paladins vs. Overwatch, how Dragon’s Call is busted, the sad state of Pocket Rumble, why Jett doesn’t play PC games, and more! Also, their parents make a cameo appearance off-camera as they try and coordinate a family lunch outing!


Overwatch and Fan Expo Canada 2018!

Overwatch was HOT at Fan Expo Canada 2018! While Jenna, Randy and I squad up and take on the world, we talk about the Overwatch cosplay we saw at the show, merch Jett bought, and share our impressions on many unreleased games we got to play! This includes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tetris Effect, Starlink, Diablo 3 on Switch and more!

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I Need a Hero (Shooter)

Not long after the game’s launch in 2016, I bought Overwatch out of curiosity. It was the biggest game in the world at that point and I wanted to see what the hype was about. As much as I enjoyed it back then, it quickly fell out of my rotation, as I was still investing most of my competitive gaming time into Street Fighter V, and just starting to ramp up my obsession with Pokemon Go. Despite my own pressure and poking from myself and others to get back into it, the game collected dust on my shelf.

Inspired by the recent release of Paladins on the Nintendo Switch, I’ve found myself falling in love with the hero shooter genre as a whole in a big way.

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