Double Jump is Celebrating the Nintendo Switch with a 6-Hour Live Stream



Save the date!

To commemorate their personal 2-year anniversary with the Nintendo Switch, Kris and Rachel over at Double Jump are hosting a 6-hour stream on Saturday, April 6th from 9am-3pm EST. Make sure to visit them at to watch them play some of their favourite Switch games, as well as a number of indies you may have missed! If you need more info, head over to their site for more details.

Kris and Rachel always put on an entertaining stream. I’ll be there to enjoy the show and you should join me! See you there!

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The Hannie Corner and I Team Up for “Navigating Written and Video Content”

Are you a blogger looking to make the jump into video content? Maybe you’ve already made the leap and want to trade war stories? Or maybe you’re just interested in the process of creators transitioning from one medium to another? Hannie from The Hannie Corner and I have the post for you!

In “Navigating Written and Video Content“, we go in-depth on our experiences as bloggers going through this process. We share our motivations for getting in front of the camera, a number of the production challenges we face, as well as a few words of wisdom. It was a pleasure working with Hannie on this, and you should head over to her site for the full story!

Head over to The Hannie Corner for “Navigating Written and Video Content“!

Join TWOTALL4UFOOL, Our View Gaming, and I for Episode 23 of the Game ‘N Watch Podcast

The Game N’ Watch Podcast is run by TWOTALL4UFOOL and Our View Gaming. This week, they invited me on to talk about games with them! Some of the topics we discussed include the ridiculous amount of money PlayStation Network generated in 2018, how Xbox Live is “sort of” coming to the Nintendo Switch and other non-Microsoft platforms, and the news of Nintendo having 8 million subscribers so far for its online service.

Head over to PodBean to listen to Episode 23 of the Game N’ Watch Podcast!

Thank you Justin and Fines for having me! Make sure you give the show a listen and then thank them by subscribing to their show on whatever platform you use for podcasts!



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