The Spider-Verse Swings Into the Basement! February 2020 Gaming Decor Patch Notes

With this being the month of Valentine’s Day, it would have been a perfect opportunity to lean into the theme of romance somehow. Instead, I picked stuff on a whim and ended up with a bunch of Spider-Verse paraphernalia. Happy February!

Room Cam

Repurposing my old camera in a new part of the room gives me a whole new canvas to decorate! So far, there is’t much happening on that side of the room.

Save for the Yoda holding Munchlax, the side wall is currently populated with older pieces. Odds are, I won’t change the decor on this side of the room as frequently. That said, it’s nice to have a home for the giant Fire Emblem: Three Houses art. My gut say it will be a permanent fixture. Eventually, I’ll probably hang my Street Fighter V championship karate gi here as well.

Diddy Kong Photography

For the past year or so, Amiibo photography has been a big part of my social content. Only recently did I get the bright idea to use that photography for the room. First up is a shot of my Diddy Kong Amiibo in front of Donkey Kong Country. Excited to share more of my own photography on stream going forward!

New Shelf

Another new addition to the room is a second shelf! Having more shelf space goes a long way towards displaying items that can’t be hung in a frame.

Just in time for Oscar season, we’ve got the La La Land soundtrack on vinyl. It’s my all-time fave movie and the actual record is a transparent blue! In the middle is a WWE Tag Team championship belt, which I bought for $3 at a clearance store. To the right is the 12-year anniversary card that Steff made for me using her new Cricut. Happy anniversary to you too my love.

Old Shelf

A pair of recent pickups make their debut on the left-hand shelf. During a trip to Hot Topic, I was able to get this Overwatch gun used by Soldier 76. Beside it stands Spider-Ham from Into the Spider-Verse. Press in one of his ears and his eye expression changes!

Spider-Gwen #1

Gwen Stay found new life in the 2010s as Spider-Gwen! Making her official debut as part of the Spider-Verse event in the comics, this issue was the start of her own series. She might have the brightest future of any new Marvel superhero and I’m excited to see where she goes from here!

Spider-Man Art

Peter Parker rounds out the trio of Spider-Verse items in the game room. Got this art for free at the Fan Expo holiday market. Had I known I was going with a Spider-Man theme, I should have put up something Miles Morales related to round things out!

Ninja Turtles Leonardo Art

Slice and dice! Kris and Rachel over at Double Jump sent over a picture of my favourite Ninja Turtle. Love the watercolour art style on this one.

Toad Plushie

Actually got Toad a few months back, but he’s only getting his due now. He’s my go-to driver in the Mario Kart series, so I’m glad to have him featured on the wall!

Pokemon Titans Go Art

Steff got me this mash-up between one of my fave video games and one of my fave cartoons. Do you think the artist mixed the right characters together?

Letter Board

Having some method of displaying messages on the wall has been on my most wanted list for some time. Finally pulled the trigger on a cheap letter board from the dollar store. The plan is for the board to be a permanent fixture and for the messages to be changed for each stream. This first message is probably as close to Valentine’s as it’s going to get.

Street Fighter Layered Art

One of my fave pieces of art is one that’s a bit too small to be legible on stream. But with the advent of the room cam and a top shelf conveniently located near the front of the camera, this layered Street Fighter II can finally see the light of day!






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