The Spider-Verse Swings Into the Basement! February 2020 Gaming Decor Patch Notes

With this being the month of Valentine’s Day, it would have been a perfect opportunity to lean into the theme of romance somehow. Instead, I picked stuff on a whim and ended up with a bunch of Spider-Verse paraphernalia. Happy February!

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Time for Spider-Gwen and Silk to Shine

Around this time last year, comic fans were anxiously awaiting the triumphant return of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. He’s been on a hiatus of sorts, as Doctor Octopus had taken control of his body for a few years thanks to a heinous mind swap. With Peter back in control, we wondered how he’d cope with all of the changes that Doc Ock made to his life.

Roughly one year and one potentially-cataclysmic Spider-Verse run later, Peter Parker is once again pushed out of the spotlight. This time, it’s by Spider-Gwen and Silk; two new characters introduced during Peter’s return.

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