Recreating My Streaming Studio in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

“What if I built my actual streaming room in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?”

The question hit me fairly early on as I uploaded the image of my Toronto Raptors championship banner that adorns my IRL studio. That night, I uploaded a few more images to give my house the “feel” of my basement, such as Link to match the art that Kris and Rachel from Double Jump gave me for Christmas, my Notorious B.I.G photo, and a picture of my best boy Snorlax.

Finally, I went all the way and built out the whole room.

Recreating any IRL space within Animal Crossing: New Horizons is going to create some logistical challenges. The game has a lot of decor options, but it’s not going to have every conceivable piece. Snorlax is a key component of my studio decor, but Pokemon bean bag chairs simply don’t exist in the game. For shame, Nintendo.

Furthermore, there are some executive decisions I made with regards to creating this room. On one hand, I have an assortment of cool arcade machines that would look great within my in-game set. However, I’ve chosen to omit those due to being an inaccurate representation of my space. On the other hand, there is a style of wall in the game that actually looks closer to my actual walls, but it’s not as flattering as I’d like it to be. In this case, I went with a wall that was representative of my actual walls but looked a little less beat up.

All things considered, it’s a pretty decent facsimile! Got the combo of my streaming PC and Switch in there. Got the camera behind both capturing all of the action. My ukulele and guitar are in the back. Even the room cam makes an appearance thanks to the in-game wall-mounted security camera.

Going a step beyond just having the room in my house, I tried dabbling in the world of machinima. Having this alternate universe of my world opens the doors for some new types of content. Not sure how far I’ll take it, but it’s a luxury to have.

Building out both my in-game streaming studio and my Animal Crossing studio will continue to be works-in-progress. Thankfully, I’ve got nothing but time to build out both.

How have you sculpted your home and your island within Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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