Extreme Makeover: Streaming Studio Edition

New streaming studio. Who dis?

Though the work was intentionally kept as a surprise to you, my wife Steff and I have been plotting a basement renovation for years. In its previous configuration, we hated the look of the wood paneling walls. A more glaring issue was the shoddy divider wall that was installed to convert this space into an illegal basement apartment.

Which wall was the shoddy one? This one.

Yes, the wall that I used for my streaming backdrop. It made for a great place to display my geek paraphernalia, but it created more problems off-camera. Behind it was a dingy room that was too small to be used for anything other than storage. On the other side was a space that has worked well for my gaming and streaming needs, but it also wasn’t welcoming for others. When I’m prepping for the next stream, editing video, or writing posts, I’m tethered to this basement in order to use my computer. With nowhere for Steff to hang out down here, we’ve spent a lot of time apart in this house.

When we finally got to work, the wall was the first thing to go. Tearing down the wood paneling revealed that the paneling wasn’t real wood. It was a wood print on particle board. Other aspects of the wall were also second rate, from the hodgepodge of nails holding the frame together, to the giant bolts on the bottom boards that didn’t actually attach to the foundation.

Cutting the frame proved to be the most difficult task. Using a reciprocating saw that I borrowed from my father-in-law, I cut the wood in half before we tore the frame apart. Having never used one before, it was quite scary operating a saw with such cutting power. Especially freaky when part of the blade would stick out and wobble like crazy! Thankfully, I got through it with all of my fingers intact.

Ta da! No more backdrop wall!

From there, we spent the next few days painting. Keeping Steff and I entertained as we coated the walls with a shade of gray called Tower of London were podcasts, music, and live streams. Shoutouts to Adventure Rules for keeping us entertained with his Celeste stream!

Once the paint dried, it was time to set everything up! The space where my set used to be has been converted to be a rec room for Steff and I to hang out. The studio then moves into the corner that used to be reserved for storage. Took a while to find the right configuration, but I think it turned out well!

My desk is now located in a corner. I have art on both walls, with Snorlax directly behind me. The room cam is currently placed on a board game shelf off to the side. Being in closer proximity to the walls makes it easier for my cameras to pick up all of the art I show on stream. I can now show smaller pictures and figurines!

At some point, I hope to make use of the entire basement space. Where it makes sense, we may run more casual Just Chatting streams from a couch, board game streams, or other types of shows that would work better with a larger space. This is now possible without me having to move all of my equipment. I’m probably still going to be too lazy to do the extra legwork, but at least it’s a lot less extra legwork to get weird.

Steff and I still have bigger dreams for this basement. Someday, we want to completely renovate the space with proper dry wall, new flooring, and a ceiling that doesn’t have weird gaps in it where the illegal walls used to be. For now, our updated basement is going to make life for us much better on and off stream.

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3 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Streaming Studio Edition

  1. Dan July 1, 2020 / 1:01 PM

    Dude, loving the DIY shots!

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