For Honor Impressions

Who wins in the ultimate battle between knights, vikings, and samurai? Ubisoft hopes you can answer that question by playing For Honor. This novel game mashes up elements from team-based shooters and fighting games to create something unique. Does this battle between some of mankind’s greatest warriors live up to the hype?

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For Honor Beta Impressions

Generally, games in the vein of Dark Souls are not my cup of tea. However, the one thing I admire about games of that ilk are its combat systems. After decades of twitch action, Demon Souls slowed things down in a way that made every move, dodge and parry matter. As a fighting game fan, I can appreciate the nuance to combat in those games, though I can do w ithout the insane difficulty and lack of checkpoints.

For Honor takes that core combat style out of its dungeon crawl roots and puts it in a Call of Duty style multiplayer experience. Does the shift in format frame up the combat in a game that is more palatable to my sensibilities?

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