Watch all of the action from the In Third Person 2018 Extra Life 26-Hour marathon!

I entrust that everyone watched all of our Extra Life 2018 marathon as it happened on Twitch, right? 😉

Just in case you missed out, here’s a playlist with all of the action! From our team of rookie chefs burning down the kitchen in Overcooked 2, to the hotly-contested #tysonchallenge, to the silliest rap battle you’ve ever seen, to Jenna’s 1am dance moves, to Randy’s night shift, to our epic quest to defeat M. Bison before the marathon ended, it’s all there!

Shout-outs to everyone who starred in the show!






Kris & Rachel







Highlights and write-ups to come as I work my way through all of the footage. For now, enjoy/relive the whole show!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Impressions

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a cheeky take on one of the most horrifying tasks one can perform. With the aid of a few friends an a 23-page manual that exists outside of the game, you’re tasked with diffusing every bomb placed in front of you. Can you all keep your cool under pressure and solve each ticking time bomb before they blow up in your face?

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Kaboom? Jett and Randy Play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!

Randy and I work as a team to diffuse a series of bombs in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! The last challenge taught me that I don’t know how to read Venn diagrams!

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