Do You Need a Webcam to Be a Successful Streamer?

Webcam or no cam? That is a question that I had to ask myself when I started making videos years ago. It’s a question I still see now on Reddit and other message boards. While it seems like using a webcam is the standard, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to opt out. Being in front of a camera changes the dynamic of gaming in a way that can feel invasive and unnatural.

It’s not impossible to succeed as a streamer webcam-free. Lirik is one of the biggest Twitch streamers and he doesn’t use a camera. There are other streamers like him who excel with a camera-free setup. During these discussions online, I’ve even seen viewers who state that they prefer streamers who don’t use a camera.

Does that mean you or any other camera-shy streamers will find the success you’re looking for? As a hobby streamer with a tiny-but-growing audience that I love with every fibre of my being, I’m not an authority figure on the matter. But I think it makes for an interesting discussion about why users would tune into a particular streamer watching video of the same game from any other source.

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Assorted Clips Relating to Video Game Streaming and Streaming Advice

During a recent Tetris 99 stream, we had a spirited discussion about how to improve as a streamer on Twitch. There was enough interesting conversation from that stream that I felt it was best to break out those clips into a separate post!

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Essential Hardware Upgrades for Console Video Game Streaming

Looking to start streaming?

Having the right hardware is just a part of the overall experience, but it’s an important foundation to have. Without the right gear, your stream could suffer from lag, blurriness, your voice sounding scratchy through a crappy microphone, or any number of other problems that negatively impact your production quality. With so many good streams out there, it’s important to not let your hardware deter others from enjoying your show.

Compiling the lessons I’ve learned over the past two years, here’s a list of hardware upgrades to consider as you build the streaming rig of your dreams!

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