Nintendo Uncovers the Nintendo Switch

With the console’s projected release just a few months away, fans have been anxiously awaiting for any sliver of concrete information about the Nintendo NX. Yesterday, we got more than just that. We got a name, saw the console, saw its key selling points and more. How does it fare at first glance?

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Coming in 2016: The Nintendo NX?

It may still be too early to lock any of this in, but it seems clear that something is going on at Nintendo in regards to its upcoming Nintendo NX platform. First, we heard that they had given out dev units to developers during the second half of last year. Then a report from Taiwan-based outlet Digitimes claimed that Nintendo was aiming to ship 20 million NX units by the end of the year. Most recently, Nomura Securities Analyst Junko Yamamura reports that the console will be revealed in June and out in the fall of 2016.

If we take all of this as is, it looks like Nintendo’s new console is coming this year. If so, what does that mean?

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Thoughts on Nintendo’s Move Towards Smartphone Gaming and the Upcoming Nintendo NX Home Console

When I checked out the news yesterday morning, I wasn’t expecting Nintendo to drop the bombs that they did. In one fell swoop, they announced their intentions to move into the smartphone gaming space with DeNA, as well as an acknowledgement of their next home console. Thoughts? Continue reading