Starlink: Battle for Atlas is Not What I Thought it Would Be

Having gotten the opportunity to play the demo for Starlink: Battle for Atlas at Fan Expo 2018, I thought I had a good idea of what I was getting myself into. I was expecting to play a game that featured a series of dogfights in orbit and land-based battles on the surfaces of different planets. Those elements are in there, and are still the best part of the game. What I wasn’t expecting was the fact that those are only smaller parts of a much grander framework.

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Building My Perfect SNES Classic: Part 7

Shortly after my hype subsided from the announcement of the NES Classic, my immediate thought was, “What if Nintendo makes an SNES Classic?!” That system has a special spot in my heart for being a critical part of my gaming life as a 90s kid. It also doesn’t hurt that the games on this console are some of the greatest of all-time.

In this 10-part series, I’ll highlight three games that I would like to see in a hypothetical SNES Classic.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Let’s continue with part 7!

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Amiibo Story: Fox

Amiibo FoxThinking about Fox McCloud of the Star Fox series takes me back to Toys R Us in 1993. At the time, my local Toys R Us had Star Fox in its Super Nintendo demo machine, and I made a point to play it every chance I got. I never got farther than the first level, but by the end of its run as the default demo game, I could practically ace that first level with my eyes closed. In retrospect, that Star Fox demo ended up meaning a lot more than a few runs of that first level. When I really think about it, that game was one of the major tipping points in me becoming the gamer that I am today.

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