Jaipur Review

Jaipur was a game that entered my radar very early on in my board gaming journey. However, time-and-time again I’d pass on it. In a classic case of judging a book by its cover, it was a game that didn’t appeal to me due to it being a game about merchants selling goods, which is a theme that failed to pique my interest. Years after the fact, I finally gave the game a chance to see what the hype was all about.

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The Fantastic 4 Return to Marvel Legendary

Good news Marvel Legendary fans!

ICV2 reports that the Fantastic 4 expansion is coming back in print and will be available for purchase within 6-8 weeks. The expansion has been out of print for years due to “licensor-controlled issues” according to Upper Deck, but whatever was blocking the way has stepped aside for now.

I’m not a fan of the Fantastic 4 in the comics or movies, but it is a good expansion for Marvel Legendary. In particular, you’re going to want it in your collection to fight against Galactus. Look out for this one in stores this summer!

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Marvel Legendary’s Upcoming X-Men Big Box Expansion

Admittedly, I’ve been out of the Marvel Legendary loop for quite some time. It’s been many months since I played it last and quite possibly years since I bought anything for the game. That being said, news of X-Men being the focus of the next big box expansion may bring me back into the fold.

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Sushi Go Party! Review


Ain’t no party like a Sushi Go Party!

The sequel to the hit card game returns in a larger box and with more varieties of sushi to draft from. It also comes with support for up to eight players, versus the five of the original. This package is certainly bigger, but is it better?

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The Game Review

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. The Game is a horrible title for this game, or any game for that matter. Beyond the obvious vague of its title, it’s a pain to search for online. As terrible as its title may be, the game was nominated for the 2015 Speil Des Jahres, one of the highest honours in tabletop gaming. There has to be something to this beyond its terrible name, right?

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Council of Verona Review

Council of Verona is a card game set in the Romeo and Juliet universe. Featuring the legendary star-crossed lovers as well as their supporting cast, this is a card game revolving around your actions as citizens in Verona trying to influence the events between the Montague and Capulet families. This may not be the most obvious focus for a Romeo and Juliet game, but does that make for a game that could catch you by surprise? Continue reading

Lost Cities Review

From the Himilayan mountains to to the bottom of the sea, the world is yours for you and a friend to explore in Lost Cities. Designed by the legendary Reiner Knizia and published by Kosmos, this is a competitive two-player card game where players create expedition routes that will hopefully generate more discovery points than their opposition. Should you find a partner and head off on this card game adventure?

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Too Many Cinderellas Review

In a story almost as old as stories themselves, Prince Charming has fallen in love with Cinderella. Unfortunately for him, she ran away as the clock struck midnight, and she’s probably not coming back. This is the setup for Too Many Cinderellas, a card game for two-to-four players. Looking to you and your friends for help, what you’re actually going to do is try to convince the heartbroken and confused prince that the woman, man, or cat in your entourage is actually the maiden he met on that fateful night.

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