Fan Expo Canada 2015 Recap

Fan Expo 2015Steff and I were just two of the over 127,000 people converged at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this year for Fan Expo Canada 2015. This year was our fifth consecutive year going and it was a good show. Definitely not my favourite Fan Expo, but one that was certainly worthwhile that kept me entertained throughout. Lots of stories and pictures to share with you, so let’s just get into it!

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Celebrating Six Years of In Third Person

Since 2009, In Third Person has been my outlet for all of the nerdy things I like to talk about. Most of it is video game related, but there’s been a big content shift in the last year or so. Reflecting my new found interest in board games and comic books, I’ve expanded the scope of the site to cover those as well. Finding my voice when talking about those subjects has been a bit of a challenge, but I enjoy the challenge and hope that the practice will make me a more well-rounded geek.

Another new aspect of the site that came up within the last year has been video. Whether it’s Let’s Plays, Street Fighter matches or the short-lived In Third Person Comic Book Show, I’m trying to find the right approach to content that you’ll enjoy while making the production time work within my daily life. Admittedly, I think I have a long way to go before finding that sweet spot, but I’m trying and it’ll get better with time.

Even as the site continues to change with my ever-evolving tastes, you continue to support the site by viewing the content and by buying stuff through my affiliation with Amazon. I appreciate all of the views and comments, as well as any purchases you’ve made through me. If you haven’t checked out my Amazon store in a while, I recently updated it with new things I personally recommend checking out! You’ll get the exact same Amazon product selection and service while helping out the site.

I would like to think that this site would carry on if no one visited the site. However, seeing that you and hundreds of other people visit In Third Person daily makes it a lot easier to stay motivated. We’re actually nearing a huge milestone, as the site is getting close to hitting 300,000 lifetime visits! For a one-man show that does this in his spare time, I think that’s pretty good! Thank you for continuing to support this site and here’s to another year of video games, board games, comic books and other nerdy pursuits!


The Runaways

At some point in your life, you’ve probably felt like your parents were evil. Maybe they didn’t buy you the toy you wanted, scolded you for staying out past curfew or disapproved of your current love interest. In the moment, they were the worst, but you usually got over it and realized your parents were usually just trying to do the right thing. But what do you do if they’re literally super villains? This is the conundrum that Alex, Nico, Gertrude, Chase, Karolina and Molly faced in the first arc of Runaways by Marvel Comics. This initial conflict would be the start of a great adventure for some of Marvel’s unlikeliest superheroes.

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Going to Niagara Falls Comic Con!

Niagara Falls Comic Con, here we come! For the first time, Steff and I will be heading out of town for a convention. Not expecting the scale of Fan Expo Canada, but I’m definitely looking forward to a Saturday of quality nerd time.

Some of the headlining guests include David Hasselhoff, Alfonso Ribeiro and Scott Wilson, best known as Hershel from The Walking Dead. Personally, I’m most pumped for the Howard Scott Warshaw panel, as he’s the guy that made E.T. on the Atari 2600. It would be an honour to have him autograph my copy!

My shopping list for the day is looking pretty thin, but maybe that’s a good thing. My gut says though I’ll have no problem breaking the bank once I get there. If you’re heading out to the show, hope you have a great time!

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Comic Content Hiatus

Just over a year ago, I discovered the wonderful medium of comic books and made them a part of my everyday life. During this discovery phase, I wrote about comics a lot. I even dabbled a little bit into video content with the In Third Person Comic Book Show. The comic situation today is a bit different. I still read, though it’s been months since I’ve posted about them in earnest. What gives?

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Underneath My Christmas Tree: 2014 Edition

Christmas GoodiesHoping you all had a blast this holiday season! For me, it was great to spend a lot of time with my family. Got to spread the joy of board games with my younger cousins by giving them a copy of King of Tokyo, which they loved. Got to spend Christmas day with Steff’s dad’s side of the family; a first for me after all of these years. Best of all, our schedules worked out in a way where Steff and I didn’t have to split up in order to visit all of our respective families.

I may be getting up there in age, though that didn’t stop my loved ones from spoiling me. Hopefully my gifts, love and Christmas cheer were enough to reciprocate, because I definitely got hooked up! This post highlights the stuff that is relevant to the site, though I’m also appreciative of the t-shirts, socks, ties, and Taylor Swift concert tickets (!!!) I got as well. Now let’s look at the goods!

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: Saga

Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars in one of my favourite comic books going right now. If you haven’t checked out Saga yet, let me sell you on it!

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: New 52 Future’s End One-Shots

This round-up includes the Future’s End one-shots for Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman/Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn!

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: Death of Wolverine Issues 1 and 2 (SPOILERS)

Due to shipping delays on the final two issues, I take some time to recap the issues 1 and 2 of Death of Wolverine. Are you liking this series so far?

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: The Death of Wolverine

Wolverine is dying this month! I discuss the events that led us up to this point and the potential fallout of Wolverine actually kicking the bucket.

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