Pick Up Post: Tekken 6 Limited Edition Fightstick Bundle for PS3

Back when I bought Super Street Fighter IV for the PS3, I was kind of hoping that I wouldn’t spend any more money on this game. Having two copies of the same game for different consoles struck me as excessive. However, playing against my friends has gotten pretty frequent, pretty serious, and my Dualshock 3 experiment ended with a painful left hand and sore thumbs.

Having owned the Mad Catz TEHori EX 2, Fighting Stick Wii by Hori and the Hori Tekken 6 Fightstick at some point or another, I had a good grasp of what was out there and what best suited my needs and my budget. In the end, I went with the Hori Tekken 6 Fightstick for PS3, which comes with Tekken 6 and the art book.

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Pick Up Post: Nintendo Wii Fightstick By Hori

Wii owners with a fighting game itch have very little to scratch it. While Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is awesome and there are no shortage of Street Fighter games on Virtual Console, it still pales in comparison to the plethora of fighting games on the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. On top of that, joystick options are limited too. All Wii owners have are the Mad Catz SE fightstick packed in with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, the Hori Wii fightstick and the Intec Combat Arcade Stick, which I don’t trust one bit.

I still want the Mad Catz stick, but in my country I can only get it with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom; a game I already have. Instead, I grabbed the Nintendo Wii Fightstick by Hori. My experience with Hori has been hit and miss, but after putting it through its paces, this one thankfully is in the former category.

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Early Impressions on the Hori Tekken 6 Stick

Hori has been known as a top name in the arcade fight stick scene for a while now. Unfortunately, my first experience with Hori products was awful. My Hori EX 2 broke within an hour of owning it, which I fully documented on this very blog.

So it was fair that I was a bit hesitant in picking up this limited edition Tekken 6 bundle that comes with a Hori stick. If I wasn’t able to buy this for 60% off the original price, I probably wouldn’t have given this a shot.

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Pick Up Post: Tekken 6 Limited Edition

Up until the rumored announcement of a Namco and Capcom, I didn’t think I would ever own Tekken anything. From my few times playing Tekken games, the gameplay just didn’t appeal to me.

With that said, I now have the limited edition Tekken 6 bundle with fight stick in my house. Huh?
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