Pixel Tactics Review

No large boards. No armies of miniature figures. No handfuls of dice to chuck.

No problem?

Pixel Tactics aims to bring the war to your tabletop with just a deck of cards, a fold-out playmat, and some damage tokens. How big of a battle can you possibly be in for?

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Wargroove Impressions

[NOTE: Based on backlog and life circumstances, I don’t think I’m going to finish the Wargroove campaign any time soon. As such, this is an impressions piece based on my time with it instead of a formal review.]

“If you want a new Advance Wars so much, why don’t you make it yourself?”
– Nintendo, probably

With Nintendo’s military strategy game still on ice a decade after we last saw it, Chucklefish steps up to this hypothetical challenge with Wargroove. Take the Advance Wars gameplay, set it in a Fire Emblem like medieval setting, and watch the profits roll in. But does it offer anything more than just a repackaging of tried-and-true ideas?

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: Countering Your Opponent’s Tactics

Anyone that has ever played a fighting game has been in this kid’s shoes before. Finding himself pit against a particular tactic that he doesn’t have the answer to, he just gets pummeled into submission, wondering what the heck just happened. While it’s easy to feel bad for the kid or vilify Justin Wong for being “cheap”, the kid has no one to blame but himself for getting beat like that. Not only did he fail to counter Justin’s projectile tactics, he just sat there and whined about it in hopes of shaming Justin.

In this edition of the Universal Fighting Game Guide, let’s talk about countering your opponent’s tactics. Whether it’s projectile spam, tick throws, resets, or whatever other gimmicks they have, you’re going to be ready with the perfect counter attack.

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