My 2020 Game of the Year

2020 was a strange year for many reasons. With this being a transition year between current and next generation consoles, the slate of games we got was on the lighter side. Furthermore, with a pandemic raging across the world, many game developers were forced to work from home, forcing delays for many upcoming releases.

Of the games I did play this year, very few were actually published in 2020. Nevertheless, there were some serious contenders for the crown. My 2020 game of the year is…

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My 2019 Game of the Year

For the better half of 2019, the internal debate of what my game of the year would be raged on. It came down to two titles. One was a game that made some bold moves but didn’t quite stick the landing on everything it had to offer. The other was a tighter package overall, but was far less ambitious.

How do I rationalize between the two? There’s no right answer, as both games are fantastic. In this case, I looked past that conflict and dug deep into my soul for an answer. When I was in the thick of it, which game drew the largest emotional response from me? And when I look back at 2019, what’s the game that I’ll remember the most fondly?

Going through this process gave the slight edge to one of the two. My 2019 game of the year is…

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Should I Apply My Wife and I’s Academy Awards Tradition to Video Games?

Every year, in anticipation of the Academy Awards, Steff and I make the effort to watch every movie nominated for best picture. I’m far from the target audience for Oscar bait, but it’s an opportunity for us to bond over her love of movies. Along the way, this journey has exposed me to some of my favourite films in recent memory, such as La La Land, Whiplash, and Mad Max: Fury Road to name a few.

As we wrap up the 2018 crop of best picture nominees, it got me thinking. Would I consider taking the approach of playing every major game of the year contender?

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My Game of the Year for 2017 is…

Game of the year is a weird award for an individual person to reward. Who am I, as one man, to make a bold declaration on which one of the thousands of video games is the best? Especially when I’ve probably played less than 20 of them this year?

The reality is, I can declare my own personal game of the year just like anyone else. How one comes to that conclusion is irrelevant. For me, it’s all about which game I played this year was the best and most impactful, with a tendency to weight the latter more heavily. In a year where I named Catherine my game of the year over Skyrim, I still believe I made the right call. I clamor for the day when a sequel to Catherine would arrive, though I’ve been largely over Skyrim since I completed it years ago.

Enough with the preamble. My 2017 game of the year is….

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The Game Award 2017 Nominees Announced

Geoff Keighley and the gaming press are once again coming together for the 2017 Game Awards. Lot of great games featured in the many different categories available. Let’s take a look at some of the categories I find interesting, but you can also head over to the website for the full list and to vote!

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My 2016 Game of the Year Is…

Years ago, I stopped declaring a game of the year. After 2012, my gaming habits changed in a way where I didn’t really have a comprehensive enough view of the gaming landscape to make such a proclamation. Technically, the same could be said about my year of gaming in 2016, as I can count on my fingers the number of games I played seriously.

What makes this year different is that there is one game this year that really carved out a place in my heart that deserves a shout-out. Was it Street Fighter V? Fire Emblem: Fates? Or something from out of the blue that completely caught me by surprise?

My 2016 game of the year is…

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2010 Year in Review: Favourite Game of the Year vs. Best Game of the Year

I’m at a crossroads. I’ve been here for quite a while. We as gamers were spoiled this year, with zero slowdown in quality output. There was no lull or dry spell in gaming releases this year; we got top-quality products all-year round.

With that said, I’ve been at a crossroads because two games stand head and shoulders above the competition to me. I’ve been flip-flopping back and forth on which one I think deserves the overall game of the year title, but I just can’t do it. This isn’t necessarily a bad problem to have, but if you’re expecting one be-all-end-all game of the year choice from In Third Person, I just can’t do it this year. Instead, I present to you my Favourite Game of 2010 and my choice for Best Game of 2010.
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My “Game of the Year 2009”

With the year winding down, many gamers have been discussing the best games of 2009, mostly to debate which game should be honoured “Game of the Year”. I think it’s impossible for any media outlet or any individual person to make a list that will make everyone happy. However, what I can do better than anyone else is speak for myself. With that said, my choice for “Game of the Year” is not the be-all-end-all opinion you have to believe in. Feel free to give me your picks for “Game of the Year” and “Game of the Year” nominees.

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