Story in Games: A Tale of Two Nintendo Fans

A little while back, I was watching Kris from Double Jump stream Deltarune. At a certain point, our conversation hit a big fork in the road. When it comes to what you enjoy more out of games, are you in it for gameplay or story? Though the true answer for everyone probably lies somewhere in the middle, I slant heavily towards gameplay, and she slants heavily towards story. Thinking back, it makes a lot of sense for why our taste in games is so different.

But then it got me thinking about the common ground we do have: Nintendo. How do we have this company’s work in common when we want very different things out of our games?

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Street Fighter V Beta Tutorial/Story Mode

Version 1.05 of the Street Fighter V Beta adds a tutorial mode to its package. It covers the basics, from how to move and jump, up until how to use your V-Trigger. Since none of this was present in Street Fighter IV, this is a good sign.

More interesting are the story ramifications on display. The cutscenes take place very early in the Street Fighter story, as Ryu and Ken are being taught by Gouken while Ken is sporting his Street Fighter Alpha ponytail. They even fight each other in their classic costumes, which could be a sign of what’s to come in terms of DLC costumes.

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Game Design Talk: Do You Need Context in Your Video Games?

Having recently completed Vanquish, the game got me thinking about the context behind any given video game. What I mean by context in this sense, is the context behind your actions within a game. For instance, the story of a Super Mario game might be paper thin, but the context for actions is clear: you’re trying to save Princess Peach. Oftentimes, people will use the word ‘story’ in place of ‘context’, but I think context is a better fitting word in this sense.

The context behind Vanquish is awful for a number of reasons, yet I really enjoyed playing that game strictly because I loved the gameplay mechanics that drove the experience. I simply chose to tune out the convoluted story, poor dialogue and bad voice acting.

Though I’ve sort of talked about this topic in the past, I wanted to open this up for discussion. Do you need context in your video games in order to enjoy them?

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Game Design Talk: My Dilemma With inFamous


inFamous is one of the games that motivated me to buy a PlayStation 3. To me, this looked like a cooler version of Crackdown, which I liked quite a bit. I’ve had this game in my collection for the past few months, but I’ve only been playing it on and off for the last few weeks.

Despite being fun to play, I’m having a really hard time motivating myself to play this game. It’s not the gameplay mechanics that turn me off, but the context behind those gameplay elements.

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